August 20, 2019
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Why choose The Cloud?

In today's modern world, almost every part of our lives is stored digitally. Maintaining proper backups of all important files is indeed more important than ever, but thanks to the numerous cloud backup solutions the task is also much easier to tackle. Cloud backup is perhaps the most popular solution to use if you want to safeguard your important digital files and there are a number of great reasons for its popularity.

Cloud backup solutions are very affordable even for home users. You don't need to spend hundreds - or even thousands - a month just to have enough cloud storage space for your hard drives. You can even back up your entire computer with the help of a free cloud backup service; with the number of options growing each day, it is very easy to find a cloud backup solution that suits your needs and preferences perfectly.

Of course, affordability is not the only reason why cloud backup solutions are very popular. The widely available solutions are all designed to be feature-packed and very easy to use. Even the free cloud backup service plans are highly beneficial to use thanks to their rich features and spacious servers.

Install the proprietary software provided by the backup solution provider of your choice and you will be well on your way to creating your first backup image in a matter of seconds. Features such as bandwidth throttling and automated backup creation make the process of setting up the backup server as well as making the initial backup completely hassle-free.

You will be surprised by just how safe cloud backup is these days. Military-grade encryption is used both on the server and client sides to ensure maximum security. The communications and data transmissions to and from the cloud servers are also properly encrypted using 256-bit SSL so that no one can steal your sensitive files and information. The enhanced security of the servers - with redundancy and archiving put in place - is even more spectacular, so you really have nothing to worry about when using the best cloud backup solution.

Storing backup files off site is also much wiser than keeping DVDs of your important files. Although it may still be necessary to keep on-site backups available, the remote backup servers are designed to be easily accessible even when you are using nothing but your smartphone. Once the files are backed up, you can access all the important files you have stored from any remote terminal at any time.

Last but certainly not least, there's the added features offered by modern cloud backup solutions. Free cloud backup services usually come with automated synchronization of multiple devices, easy file sharing, and many added features that you can benefit from. The premium plans, on the other hand, offers even more features including unlimited storage space and monthly bandwidth as well as enhanced backup management features.

With all these great benefits to enjoy, there is no reason why you shouldn't find a reliable cloud backup service today and start safeguarding your important files on the cloud.