August 20, 2019
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Top Backup Tips for Home Users

With so many cloud storage services now available, keeping an up to date backup image of your computer - or important files - is much easier to do. In order for the backups to be effective, there are a few top tips you may want to keep in mind. We are going to discuss them in this article.

Unless you are creating a complete backup of your computer, always start with important files first. You can reorganize files according to their backup sequence and make folders for them on the cloud backup server. Work your way towards backing up less important files such as old documents and songs to complete the process.

Keep your online backup up to date. Use the incremental backup creation offered by the cloud backup service provider to help you create backup files automatically. Whenever you update files on your computer, the backup system will automatically recognize the changes and update online backup files accordingly. With everything being highly automated, you don't have to worry about making manual backups once the initial backup process is completed.

Choosing the correct cloud backup service package to use is also very important. Be sure to choose a backup service plan and not just an online file storage solution because the two focus on different sets of features. With a good cloud backup service package, you get more features for a relatively lower rate. You may also want to find deals designed for home users and now corporate backup plans to keep the cost of maintaining an online backup as affordable as possible.

Use bandwidth throttling wisely, especially during the creation of your initial backup image. Many users don't really use the bandwidth throttling feature offered with the cloud backup software; as a result, other internet-based services will be suffering from slow internet connection while the initial backup is being created. To prevent this from happening, you can set the bandwidth throttling parameters accordingly. After the initial backup files are created, bandwidth wouldn't be an issue with following backups.

Watch out for duplicate files. Not only will you be using more storage space on the cloud storage server, the amount of bandwidth used and the time needed to complete backup and restore are also substantially larger with a lot of duplicates included in the process. Use a suitable software to help you find duplicates on your hard drive and eliminate them correctly before starting the backup creation process.

These tips may seem simple at first, but applying them correctly will help you make the most out of cloud backup services. Before you know it, you will have a remote backup image stored safely and ready for access at all times. It is also necessary to choose the correct backup solution provider before you start making backups of your important files. By working with a reliable and reputable service provider, you don't have to worry about having to repeat the initial backup creation process just because you have to switch providers or move to a new backup server.