August 20, 2019
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Safely Backup Your Data

There's nothing more frustrating than losing data due to a corrupted hard drive or a broken computer. From valuable or important documents to your favorite movies or songs, losing your personal files can feel both frustrating and sad, particular when it is personal memories and homemade digital media that's lost on a bad hard drive.

Thankfully, it's easy to create a backup of your personal data so that you won't lose anything more than you need to in the event of a data emergency. Using a variety of offline and online backup solutions, you can keep your personal data secure either on an external hard drive that's stored locally, or using a cloud storage service.

Let's start with the first option. Offline storage is relatively simple - to backup your important files, you'll simply need to purchase a second hard drive, preferably one that can be written to via USB, and create a mirror of your hard drive. This can be carried out using a variety of applications, including native Windows and Mac apps.

There are several advantages to backing up your files locally. The first is that they are constantly within reach if you ever need to recover a lost file. The fast transfer speeds made possible by USB also beat out the slow download speeds from many online backup services, making it a far faster choice for recovering critical files.

Finally, offline backup has only one cost: the cost of buying a hard drive to store your files on. With large hard drive available at very reasonable prices these days, the cost of backing up your data on a secure local drive is far from expensive.

Online backup, on the other hand, has its own range of advantages. Thanks to the huge amount of competition in the cloud storage industry, storing your personal data on a cloud storage network is no longer expensive. In fact, online file storage can be purchased for as little as £3 per hard drive per month - a very cheap option.

There are numerous advantages to online storage that extend far beyond cost. The reliability offered by online storage is unparalleled, with files frequently stored on redundant networks with multiple server locations. This way, there's no chance of losing your personal files if a server breaks or runs into hard drive corruption.

Finally, there's the safety factor of online storage. Provided your passwords and file folders are kept secret, online storage is as safe as can be. If your house is robbed or your backup hard drive is discarded, however, offline storage is frequently insecure and far from perfect for storing confidential, ultra-personal data.

There are major advantages to both forms of online storage, so many, in fact, that it's worth investing in both. The safest way to back up your data is to keep both a cloud-based online copy of your mission critical files on the internet, and to keep your files backed up on an external hard drive that you keep in your own possession.