August 20, 2019
Data Speeds10/10
Overall Storage9/10
Sign Up Procedure10/10
Overall Uptime10/10
Value For Money10/10
Application Features10/10
Customer Support10/10

Zip Cloud Review

Even though there are a number of service providers to choose from when it comes to cloud backup services, it is still necessary to work with the best solution provider on the market in order to enjoy maximum benefits. Cloud backup plans for different types of users are just as easy to find, with storage space ranging from 5 GB to unlimited for you to choose from. If unlimited backup space is what you need, Zip Cloud is a service provider you should look into.

Famous for offering top-notch cloud backup services, Zip Cloud is taking a direct, straightforward approach to cloud backup. You don't have to worry about bandwidth or space limitations as well as other conditions you may find when working with other service providers at all.

Even with the Unlimited plan in place, Zip Cloud also offers affordable solutions for home users and SME. Home users who only need to back up a relatively small amount of files can opt for the Home plan that includes 75 GB of online storage. The Premium plan, on the other hand, features a staggering 250 GB of storage space and a wealth of other features.

Speaking about features, it is clear that Zip Cloud takes user-friendliness seriously. The proprietary software needed to start backing up your important files is very easy to use and fully automated; after completing the initial setup, you can sit back and relax knowing that proper backups are created and maintained.

Unlike other solution providers, Zip Cloud also enables you to back up multiple computers and devices. Smartphones are fully supported by the cloud backup solution while the proprietary software for computers is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Pair the ability to back up multiple devices with the Unlimited plan from Zip Cloud, and you have the perfect cloud backup solution in hand.

One the initial backup images are created, you can access the files individually or do a full restore just as easily. Using the mobile apps, you can also access any file you need on your smartphones. This means you can synchronize your home computer, your laptop, and mobile devices seamlessly with the help of Zip Cloud. Even the Home plan is more than enough for syncing important files and documents.

Zip Cloud also offers file sharing, a feature that not all cloud backup solution provider is offering. You can grant access to certain files by making them available publicly or setting a predetermined password for a more secured access. You can also set the shared files to be made private after a certain amount of time or a certain number of downloads. Again, everything is automated for maximum convenience.

Security is an important aspect to consider when choosing a cloud backup service package to use, and Zip Cloud understands that completely. The service provider is offering military-grade server-based encryption and a 256-bit SSL encryption for data transmissions. Your important files are stored securely and common issues such as file theft can be prevented.