August 20, 2019
Data Speeds9/10
Overall Storage9/10
Sign Up Procedure9/10
Overall Uptime9/10
Value For Money9/10
Application Features9/10
Customer Support8/10

SugarSync Review

We can't talk about cloud storage and backup solutions without discussing about SugarSync. Established in 2004, the solution provider has been catering to the needs of home and business users alike. There are a number of reasons why SugarSync is very popular among cloud backup users, and we are going to discuss them in this article.

For starters, the free cloud backup plan from SugarSync offers a fairly large storage space of 5 GB. You can use this free cloud storage space to store any file you like, including photos, documents, videos, and music files. All you need to do to start using SugarSync's free cloud backup solution is sign up for an account.

You can also opt for the Personal Plans from SugarSync if you need more storage space. The available plans are very affordable - starting at less than $5 a month - and offers as little as 30 GB of storage space for a single user. You can further increase the storage space of your plan to accommodate more files. Since SugarSync also supports large files - files that are larger than 4 GB - being able to increase your storage quota is certainly a huge plus.

Alternatively, you can go for one of the business plans from SugarSync. Not only will you get more storage space to utilize, you can also share the account with two other users. With the business plans also set to be highly affordable, they are very suitable for small and medium enterprise as well as large corporations.

The backup solution from SugarSync supports real-time monitoring and file versioning. Whenever changes are made to the monitored files or folders, the software will automatically store the newer version and archive the older version to a separate location. You can access the latest version of the files as well as the older ones just as easily.

SugarSync is also compatible with multiple platforms and operating systems. You can back up your Windows and Mac computers just as easily, while accessing your files - and of course making backups - using your smartphones is even easier. SugarSync also releases a mobile API that has been integrated by many app makers, so you can expect your favorite mobile apps to work with the cloud storage solution as well. It even offers support for Symbian-based smartphones while at the same time features a mobile web that is just as functional.

Security is another important aspect to consider when choosing a cloud backup solution provider, and SugarSync understands this perfectly. All servers are encrypted using financial-grade encryption technology for maximum security. SugarSync also maintains an array of geo-redundant storage clusters; even when the main servers are down, you can still access your files without a problem.

Since SugarSync doesn't focus its solutions entirely for backup purposes, you will also find added features including public file sharing, access management, and music streaming to be available as well. These added features are great additions nonetheless; they make opting for SugarSync cloud backup and storage solutions that much more beneficial.