August 20, 2019
Data Speeds9/10
Overall Storage9/10
Sign Up Procedure7/10
Overall Uptime9/10
Value For Money9/10
Application Features9/10
Customer Support9/10

SOS Online Backup Review

When choosing a cloud backup solution, it is necessary to pay close attention to features offered and the cost of acquiring them. The online backup solution needs to be beneficial, feature-packed, and very affordable at the same time. If you are looking for a backup solution provider that offers extensive basic functionalities and tons of added features without charging you a lot of money to use the services, then SOS Online Backup is the right service provider to look into.

SOS Online Backup is one of the oldest service providers in the industry. The company was established back in 2001 and has been offering valuable cloud backup solutions for many years. With millions of users already using the SOS Online Backup service plans, it is not surprising to see this solution provider to be one of the highest rated as well.

Home users can opt for either the Home plan with 50 GB of storage space or 100 GB of storage space accordingly. Both plans are reasonably priced and come with an extensive set of features you can benefit from. Using the Home plan of your choice, you can back up a total of 5 PCs seamlessly.

The Company plan, on the other hand, allows business users to back up an unlimited number of PCs within their organization. A storage space of as little as 10 GB is provided with the service plan; scalability will also not be an issue since you can freely expand the storage capacity of your cloud backup account at any time.

Essential features such as versioning and automated archiving are supported by SOS Online Backup. When new versions are backed up, the existing version of the file is automatically archived for easy access and maintained performance. Should you need to revert to an older version of the file - or the entire backup image - you can do so through SOS Online Backup web-based interface or proprietary software.

As mentioned earlier, all of the cloud backup plans from SOS Online Backup can be used on multiple computers. Setting up seamless backup of multiple computers may seem like a difficult task to tackle at first, but the software provided by SOS Online Backup makes the entire setup process very easy to complete. Make sure you have a clear goal of what you are trying to achieve - and how the backups should be made - and you will be able to tell the backup software to achieve them without hassle.

SOS Online Backup also allows users to make redundant backups onto local drives just as easily. Although the cloud backup images are more than sufficient in the event of a disaster, you can speed up disaster recovery by allowing the SOS Online Backup software to make and manage offline backups as well. The comprehensive solution is also perfect for companies and organizations who maintain their own small server on-site.

With so many more features to explore, SOS Online Backup is definitely a service provider worth considering. Be sure to review different service plans from this company before deciding to buy a cloud backup service package that suits you best.