August 20, 2019
Data Speeds10/10
Overall Storage10/10
Sign Up Procedure9/10
Overall Uptime10/10
Value For Money10/10
Application Features10/10
Customer Support10/10

MyPCBackup Review

Choosing a suitable backup service provider is not as difficult as it used to be, especially with top companies specializing in backup services and solutions now offering better deals and more features. MyPCBackup is one of the biggest names in the market, offering valuable free cloud backup services and superbly functional premium plans.

To get started with using MyPCBackup backup services, all you need to do is sign up for an account. The process takes no more than a few seconds and your online backup account will be ready for use in no time at all. Once the sign-up process is completed, you can download MyPCBackup's software and start setting up the automated backup process immediately.

Initial backup creation can be done while you are using your computer or while it is idle, with seamless bandwidth throttling and fully automated schedules making this particular step even easier to complete. MyPCBackup understands how to pamper their customers by offering user-friendly yet highly useful features through the backup software.

Quality of service is not something you need to worry about when using MyPCBackup backup solution; the company has a reputation of offering the best plans and top-notch services to home users. The cloud backup servers are accessible anytime and from anywhere, which means you can easily access your files whenever you need them.

With the initial backup creation process completed, you also have the option to do a full restore or access backed up files individually. This is a huge plus since you can keep individual files up to date whenever you make changes and still be able to access them online. This also means you can use MyPCBackup to help you synchronize several devices seamlessly by connecting them to the cloud backup service.

The premium plan from MyPCBackup is very affordable at only $4.95. The plan features unlimited storage space - and monthly transfer - as well as the ability to back up multiple computers, making it even more valuable. With this premium plan, you can have your desktop computer at home and at the office as well as your laptop and mobile devices fully backed up and synchronized without hassle.

The selective backup feature enables you to tell MyPCBackup's backup software to monitor a certain set of files and folders on your computer manually. This way, the software can back up important folders such as Documents and Pictures while the rest of the hard drive is untouched or unmonitored. The selective backup ability also allows you to set a synchronization folder exclusively and have your devices in sync whenever you make changes to that particular folder monitored by the software.

Customer support is another aspect where MyPCBackup excels. You can contact the customer support easily 24/7 and have technical assistances given to you regarding the use of MyPCBackup's cloud backup solution. Video tutorials are also provided to help you tackle basic and common issues with using the backup services. To make it even better, the 24/7 customer support includes phone support and live chat for real-time assistances.