August 20, 2019
Data Speeds10/10
Overall Storage10/10
Sign Up Procedure10/10
Overall Uptime10/10
Value For Money10/10
Application Features10/10
Customer Support10/10

JustCloud Review

If you are looking for a cloud backup solution that offers unlimited storage space at an affordable price, JustCloud is definitely one of the best service providers to look into. The cloud backup solution from this company features an unlimited storage space for you to use along with a number of other features that will meet the needs and wants of even the most avid home user.

JustCloud offers a 14-day free trial period, so you can actually give the backup solution a try before deciding if it meets your needs and preferences perfectly. Founded in 2010, JustCloud has been providing the best cloud backup services to its customers with its feature-packed service plan and superb customer support. During the trial period, you can test all of JustCloud's features without limitations, giving you a clear picture of what to expect with the premium plan.

The premium plan itself is very affordable at less than $6 a month. Considering you get unlimited storage space - and the ability to use the same plan for backing up multiple computers - the service plan is indeed very valuable. JustCloud's servers are also equipped with the best internet backbones for easy and fast access anytime.

Being able to back up multiple computer means you can also set the system up to work seamlessly in syncing multiple devices. If you often work on your laptop, for example, you can have all important files synced over the air with your home computer and mobile devices. This is a handy feature to have from a cloud storage solution.

JustCloud's automatic backup is also very comprehensive. Spend some time setting up the automated backup creation routine - by determining files and folders to back up as well as other important parameters - and the backup software will work seamlessly. Not only will you be able to rest assured knowing that all your important files are backed up properly, you will also still be able to use your computer - and the internet connection - optimally thanks to background backup and bandwidth throttling.

Focusing more on online file storage features, JustCloud also offers file sharing through its cloud backup service plan. If you need to share a file or folder with colleagues or family members, for example, all you need to do is define the access permissions for the particular files and folders. They can then be accessed publicly through a generated link or be made private using a separate password.

The drag-and-drop feature is another valuable feature you will benefit from a lot. Even JustCloud's web-based interface supports drag-and-drop file upload. If you need to store a file from a friend's computer, for example, all you need to do is access your JustCloud and copy the file to the storage server. Once the process is completed, you have access to the file from any of your computers.

With so many great features to utilize - paired with the affordable monthly service charge and unlimited storage space - it is safe to conclude that JustCloud is a service provider worth considering whenever you are looking for a comprehensive cloud backup solution.