August 20, 2019
Data Speeds8/10
Overall Storage8/10
Sign Up Procedure8/10
Overall Uptime8/10
Value For Money8/10
Application Features8/10
Customer Support8/10

iDrive Review

IDrive is one of the most reliable cloud backup service providers today. The company offers a wide range of feature-packed cloud backup solutions for home and business users alike, and in this part we are going to take a look at these options as well as the features they include briefly.

The iDrive Basic plan is perhaps one of the most appealing cloud backup solutions on the market; the 5 GB of storage offered by iDrive through the Basic plan can be used for free just by signing up for an account. You also don't need to go through a complicated setup process because the backup software used by iDrive is very user-friendly and easy to understand. You will start backing up your important files in a matter of minutes.

If you need more storage space, you can opt for one of the iDrive Pro plans. iDrive for Single User offers 150 GB of storage space for less than $5 a month. This plan is suited for those who only need to back up one computer; although the backup service plan only supports one PC per user, you can still access the files remotely using any device including smartphones.

Those who need to back up more than one PC should consider opting for the iDrive Pro Family Pack. It features an even more staggering 500 GB of storage space and supports up to 5 different PCs. With this affordable cloud backup solution, every family member can manage their own backup files and secure important files seamlessly.

Business users, on the other hand, will certainly benefit from the iDrive Pro for Business Use. Not only does this cloud backup solution offers support for up to 100 PCs, it is also very scalable. You can opt for as little as 50 GB of storage space to keep the cost at minimum or simply increase the storage space according to your company's needs. With virtually unlimited storage to utilize, there is no doubt that iDrive Pro for Business Use will meet the needs of organizations of different sizes.

As mentioned earlier, the cloud backup solutions from iDrive come with so many features. Snapshot support helps you maintain versions of important files properly and grant you access to older versions at the same time; if you need an unedited template for a presentation, for example, you can access the original file from iDrive's cloud backup server.

iDrive is also one of the few cloud backup service providers that offer support for network and external drives. You no longer have to worry about backing up your USB hard drives or Network Attached Storage now that they can be integrated into the automated backup functionality. The easy to use software also offer great features including real-time monitoring, bandwidth throttling and block-level incremental backup creations.

As you can see, there is no doubt that iDrive offers some of the best cloud backup service plans on the market. Review each plan carefully and opt for the one that suits you perfectly before starting to back up important files securely on your iDrive.