August 20, 2019
Data Speeds9/10
Overall Storage9/10
Sign Up Procedure5/10
Overall Uptime5/10
Value For Money5/10
Application Features5/10
Customer Support9/10

Carbonite Review

Even though there are so many different cloud backup solutions on the market, it is still necessary to find one that suits you perfectly. Spending too much on a cloud backup service plan - and getting the features you don't need - will only be a waste of money, while buying a cheap service plan with less features will make it difficult for you to maintain a comprehensive backup. This is where Carbonite comes in handy.

Carbonite combines the best cloud backup features used by most of its customers into one very affordable service plan. Home users will find Carbonite's service package to be very appealing nonetheless. For less than $5 a month, you get an unlimited storage space, unlimited monthly bandwidth usage, and tons of other cloud backup features to utilize.

Among the many great features offered by Carbonite is the company's ability to provide a backup software compatible with Windows, Windows Server, and Mac operating systems. Carbonite also offers service plans for business users, so having a backup software that supports Windows Server is certainly a huge plus. Unlike other backup solutions, the cloud backup solution from Carbonite also supports automated backup creation on Mac computers.

Security is another aspect where Carbonite excels. Thanks to military-grade encryption for securing your files, you don't have to worry about unwanted parties looking into your private pictures or sensitive documents at all. Transmission to and from the cloud storage servers are also encrypted using 256-bit SSL security.

You can access your backup image or individual files remotely using mobile devices as well. The platform supports Apple's iPod, iPhone, and iPad along with other mobile devices including Android-based smartphones and BlackBerry handsets. Being able to access important files on the go is certainly a huge plus and can help you avoid a lot of difficult situations.

Carbonite also offers a built-in photo organizer. If you have thousands of photos to store, you can organize them based on certain parameters. Pictures can be grouped based on when or where they were taken for easy access. You can also make catalogues of family pictures and share them with relatives without hassle.

As a dedicated cloud backup solution provider, Carbonite offers an extensive array of backup functionalities. You can set the software to make backups automatically; the automatic backup creation can be set to work periodically or whenever an update is made to the files you are backing up. Incremental backup is also a feature you can benefit from; instead of having to renew the entire backup image, you can now update individual files and save bandwidth - and time - in the process.

Selective backup allows you to tell the backup software to monitor certain folders and files. Whenever changes are made, a new backup is created. Thanks to Carbonite's comprehensive file versioning, you can also access previous versions of the same file directly on the cloud storage server. If you need to access an unedited version of a document, for example, this is certainly a handy feature to have.