August 20, 2019
Data Speeds7/10
Overall Storage7/10
Sign Up Procedure7/10
Overall Uptime6/10
Value For Money6/10
Application Features7/10
Customer Support8/10

Acronis Review

Most of the cloud backup solution providers operating today offer plans for both home and business users. Although the available plans are feature-packed and very affordable, it is always best to get a service provider that focuses on the needs and wants of a particular market segment in order to get valuable services. Acronis is a service provider that specializes in providing cloud backup solutions for companies and enterprises. In this part, we are going to take a closer look at some of the services and features the company is offering.

For starters, Acronis offers four main service plans. Economy plans are considered to be the most basic service package, but they are still very customizable and can be highly suitable for small businesses. The plans include storage space starting from 10 GB at a very affordable rate.

The Enhanced Backup plans offer more features tailored to the needs and wants of small and medium enterprises. The backup plans support database backup and many other advanced features your organization can benefit from. With storage space options of 15 GB to unlimited, the Enhanced Backup plans are also very scalable. As your organization grows, you can adjust the cloud backup solution accordingly.

For backing up multiple computers with 3 or more sub users, there are the Workgroup cloud storage solutions. Not only does this set of backup plans supports multiple users, it also offers advanced features such as enhanced security, advanced access management, and many more. You can expect standards such as HIPAA to be enforced when opting for the cloud backup solution within this product range as well.

The top-of-the-line backup solution from Acronis is called the Professional plan. Similar to the previous ranges of solutions, this particular set of plans is also very customizable. You can have as many users as you want, a storage space of 15 GB to unlimited, unmetered bandwidth usage, and extensive database backups. The Professional plans also support automated versioning and archiving; with these features in place, you can maintain a staggering total of 30 versions of the same file and access them whenever necessary.

Acronis understands the needs of corporations and offer support for various operating systems. Aside from Windows and Mac, Acronis also supports Linux-based computers and other open-source, Unix-based platforms. This means companies that rely on computing solutions such as Citrix can integrate Acronis into the internal computing workflow seamlessly.

The database backup functionalities, on the other hand, supports multiple database frameworks including SQL and Oracle. Again, the feature allows seamless integration to make the entire system even more fluid and efficient. With the Acronis solution properly set up, you don't have to worry about having to manually back up your company's databases.

It is clear that Acronis is serious about providing the best functionalities for business users and corporations. Both the proprietary software and web-based interface are designed to meet the needs of system administrators and corporate users as well, with advanced features easily accessible and the solution itself designed to be easy to integrate with existing business solutions.