August 20, 2019
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Online Backup Features You Can Benefit From

Most cloud based backup solutions offer a wide range of features to attract customers. Although certain features are available only from certain service providers, there are still common features that you can benefit from regardless of the online backup solution you are using. Some of the general features you can get when using cloud backup are actually very rewarding.

File versioning, for example, enables you to access older versions of a file without an issue. When new files or updated versions of the files are uploaded to the cloud, the server archives the existing version to a separate server. You can revert to the older version or access it at any time from the cloud backup software.

Cloud based backup solutions also offers easy file sharing as part of the common features. Sharing family pictures or office documents is easier than ever; all you need to do is mark the files or folders you want to share as Public and provide friends and relatives with the correct URLs to them. It is also possible to password-protect the files and folders you are sharing; only select users with a valid username and password can access them.

Synchronize multiple computers and devices using the cloud backup solution. Once a file is uploaded to the cloud based backup server, it is very easy to access the file from any remote device you are using. Aside from mobile apps and desktop software, you can also access your backup files using any standard web browser. Keeping all of your gadgets synchronized with the latest files is no longer difficult to do.

There are still tons of other features you can benefit from. Find a reputable cloud storage and backup solution provider as well as the right service package that suits you best to start enjoying the best features possible.