August 20, 2019
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Is Free Cloud Backup an Option?

Backing up your files to store online might seem complicated, but with the huge number of free backup services operating today, keeping your data secure on the cloud is far from difficult. Whether you're looking for free storage or a paid online backup solution, the huge range of options out there makes backing up simple.

The vast majority of full hard drive backup services are paid, largely due to the high cost of storing hundreds of gigabytes of data. Services such as Apple's iCloud Backup and LiveDrive both charge a small monthly fee to cover the hefty cost of storing your hard drive image online, making them far from ideal for users seeking free storage.

While there are very few high-volume free backup storage options, however, there are several free storage websites that can be used to backup important documents, files, and other information. While the amount of space offered isn't enough to keep a full hard drive on the cloud, free backup is enough to store your critical files.

There are several free backup services available that are ideal for users seeking a cheap - or preferably free - way to store their files on the cloud. The first is known as Dropbox. A free online storage solution designed for sending files between users and storing mission-critical files, Dropbox offers both free and paid online storage.

While the typical Dropbox free account only offers two gigabytes of storage, this can be expanded by inviting more users to the service. As such, Dropbox is a good choice for storing critical documents and important files, although far from ideal for users that need to store large database backups, video files, or other media on the cloud.

Another free option is a new service known as Mega - a replacement for the now closed MegaUpload online storage website. Founded in early 2013 as a successor to one of the world's most popular file transfer websites, Mega offers 50GB of storage to users for free, making it one of the most generous free online backup services.

As well as backing up your files on the cloud, Mega makes use of a client-side file encryption algorithm that keeps your files encrypted and inaccessible to anyone without your personal encryption key. This means that your files aren't just kept safe on the cloud - they're all encrypted so that only you can ever access them.

There are several other free backup services on the market. MegaCloud, an online storage network offering 25 gigabytes of free storage, is a good option for storing critical files and personal data. Like Dropbox, it offers both a web and application-based interface, making it ideal for users seeking convenient online storage.

As all of these services are free of charge, it makes sense to back up your critical files and ultra-important documents on more than one cloud storage network. From the ultra-secure encryption of Mega to the convenience of Dropbox, pick out two cloud storage providers and back up your essential files to both for maximum security.