August 20, 2019
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Cloud Solutions from Google

Google is already offering more than 7 GB of space as part of their free email services, but the company is now catering to the needs and wants of their users by introducing Google Drive: Google cloud backup solution for everyone. With a lot of great features to enjoy an easy integration with other Google services, there is no doubt that Google Drive is an interesting solution to consider.

For starters, you get free 5 GB of free storage to use as soon as you sign up for an account. Since you can also use your existing Google account, the sign up and set up process can be completed in a matter of minutes. 5 GB may not be big enough for large files or backing up your entire computer, but it is actually more than what other free service providers are offering.

Google cloud backup solution features easy access to all your backed up files. The solution offers proprietary software for virtually every platform you are using, including Windows and Mac as well as mobile operating systems such as iOS and Google's very own Android. The web-based interface is also very fluid and easy to use, which means you can access your Google cloud backup account using any compatible browser from any access terminal.

In certain circumstances - such as when you need to retrieve an important file from the Google Drive - being able to access the storage server from anywhere is certainly a huge plus. Using any remote computer, you can simply log on to your Google Drive and download any file you need. To make it even better, Google also makes it very easy to share certain files with friends and colleagues; this particular feature makes Google cloud backup solution very appealing.

Safety is another important feature Google offers. Google has years of experience in maintaining cloud and clustered servers, so the company has the skills and tools needed to ensure the safety of your personal files. 256-bit SSL encryption is used to secure the connections to and from Google's cloud servers, while the servers are further secured using military-grade encryption.

As mentioned earlier, Google makes it very easy to share files you have stored on the Google Drive. Since Google also offers additional services such as Google Docs and Gmail, the environment is very suitable for collaborative purposes. Colleagues with Google accounts can now share files, edit documents on the go, and keep everyone in sync with the latest updates seamlessly. Only one account is needed to access all the services offered by Google.

What about when more storage space is needed? Google offers a premium plan with 25 GB of storage for nothing more than $2.5 a month; the service cost is actually very cheap - safely the most affordable on the market - considering you get so many features and no longer have to worry about monthly bandwidth quota. If the free Google Drive service plan is not suitable or if you need to store more files, the premium plan is certainly very appealing.