August 20, 2019
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Best Online Backup for OSX

We've all thought about backing up the contents of our hard drive, but very few of us actually follow through on the plan. While it's very tempting to think that backing up your information simply isn't necessary, there are many situations in which losing a vital file or dealing with a corrupted hard drive can make it a necessity.

Thankfully, backing up your Mac is a relatively simple process. From Apple's built-in backup applications to the huge variety of third party online backup applications for OSX, protecting your Mac's hard drive content doesn't need to be costly, complex, or overly difficult.

Apple provides its own option for online backup known as iCloud. While iCloud is a large network of online cloud storage applications designed and operated by Apple, the backup element of the service - creatively titled as 'Backup' - builds an archive of your Mac's content and uploads an image of your hard drive to Apple's servers.

The service is fast, simple, and inexpensive, with iCloud plans available from just a few dollars monthly. Many of Apple's new Macs are sold with a free iCloud plan as part of their typical service package. As such, this is one of the most popular backup options for Mac owners that prefer to use Apple's own in-house software.

If Apple's proprietary backup option isn't to your liking, there are a variety of third-party backup applications available. One of the most popular is CrashPlan - a useful hard drive backup tool that automatically syncs your hard drive with a web-based mirror on a schedule that you set - either daily, weekly, or even on the hour.

CrashPlan is inexpensive and powerful, boasting a large amount of online storage for a flat monthly fee of £3 per computer. Thanks to its low cost and relative ease of use, CrashPlan is a popular option amongst Mac users. Backup packages aimed at power users and families with multiple Macs are available from jut £6 a month.

While CrashPlan is one of the most popular backup options for Mac users, it's by no means the only service on the block. Mozy is a popular option for Mac users looking to store their critical data online. While it doesn't offer the unlimited storage option that CrashPlan advertises, it does offer a variety of data-based plans for Mac users.

Where Mozy succeeds is in its interface, which is significantly more user friendly than that of CrashPlan. If CrashPlan is the ultimate third-party backup tool for Mac power users, then Mozy is the casual option. Quickly back up your essential files, make a mirror image of your hard drive, or schedule daily or weekly file backups.

Finally, there are a variety of smaller backup services available. Dropbox, the file transfer service designed for collaborative teams and small networks, is great for backing up single files or archives, while Mega, a new startup from the founders of the infamous MegaUpload, is ideal for secure and private web-based file storage.