August 20, 2019
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Benefits of Using Cloud Storage Applications

One of the greatest innovations in modern day hosting and file storage involves something called cloud computing. It was only a few short years ago that file storage was limited to single servers that were unable to work in unison with each other in an efficient manner. These days, cloud computing has revolutionized data storage and how data is delivered to mainstream consumers on the Internet.

For example, one of the major complaints of online businesses in past years has been the fact that data storage was paid for through bandwidth allocation. Businesses were paying for data storage and transfer they weren't actually using, and the whole online data storage schematic and delivery mechanism was very inefficient. Cloud storage has changed all that, and now businesses need only pay for the bandwidth and storage they actually use. So, cloud storage is more streamlined and efficient for everyone in that respect.
Also, cloud storage and transfer applications come with another advantage. Let's say a single server is displaying signs of overload and is delivering data inefficiently. Cloud storage solutions are able to solve that problem by alerting the other servers on the network that one of the servers is overloaded, and thusly allocating the data delivery responsibility to the other, less burdened servers on the network.

With cloud storage, servers are able to communicate with each other and work together to create a data delivery system that "blows away" what was possible just a few years ago. This also means a substantial savings to hosting companies. Instead of having to dedicate a single server to each customer and allocate a specified amount of bandwidth and storage that doesn't actually get used, cloud storage ensures that hosting companies can make the most of every available resource they have. Nothing gets wasted as far as bandwidth/storage is concerned, and lots of money is saved in the process.

Although cloud computing isn't exactly mainstream yet, many hosting companies are changing over to this new data delivery and storage technology. There have even been some recent innovations in cloud storage applications and computing in general that allow members of the cloud to communicate in real time. Meaning, as you type, it shows up to the other members of the cloud as you type it. This cloud collaboration software can be integrated into office software titles like Microsoft Office and others. A few years ago, all we saw as far as cloud collaboration software is concerned, was very basic and rudimentary.

The security level of using cloud storage is now far superior to that of server networks of the past. These days, data can be encrypted both during transmission times and while the data is in resting status. Cloud storage applications are exactly what we need as an Internet business community to expand our horizons. Storing documents and files on a cloud will always be superior to storing them on a locally based server. Once companies start experiencing the bonafide benefits of cloud storage, including automatic software integration and quick deployment, it's going to continue to replace locally based server networks until cloud storage becomes commonplace.