August 20, 2019

Your guide to Cloud Services...

When it comes to Cloud Backup, we ask ourselves, who is the best, really? All of the providers quite similar at first glance and if you're not careful, you'll end up paying more than you need to. This is where we come in. We've signed up and manually reviewed each and every provider and rated them on a variety of factors. Use our guide, make an informed decision and get the most out of your online backup service.

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Top Rated Cloud Backup Providers 2019

1Click to Visit JustCloud£3.0010/ 10 100%Read
2Click to Visit Zip Cloud£3.0010/ 10 99%Read
3Click to Visit MyPCBackup£4.0010/ 10 99%Read
4Click to Visit Mozy£6.009/ 10 90%Read
5Click to Visit SugarSync£7.009/ 10 89%Read
6Click to Visit SOS Online Backup£8.009/ 10 88%Read
7Click to Visit Backblaze£8.008/ 10 83%Read
8Click to Visit iDrive£7.008/ 10 80%Read
9Click to Visit Acronis£8.007/ 10 71%Read
10Click to Visit Carbonite£6.009/ 10 70%Read

Getting the most...

There are so many backup service providers out there with vastly different packages available. When purchasing an online backup plan, it's important that you only pay for what you need/use. If you're unsure what is best for you, the easiest thing to do is purchase an unlimited package, that way you're not hit with any unexpected fees or service cancellation due to exceeding your bandwidth.

Benefits of The Cloud

Cloud based backup is fast becoming the technology to use when it comes to anything storage related. If you want high speeds, reliable performance and large amounts of disk space and bandwidth, then there is no better option than a cloud based solution. Be sure to get an unlimited account from one of the top providers in order to get the most for your money as it can be easy to go over your limit with the capacity available on the cloud.